Rainbow City

Rainbow City will be a unique place for holiday and recreation, providing visitors with all the best the Pacific island countries have to offer tourists.

This project combines a unique tropical style of the Pacific islands with modern construction technologies and sophisticated, european-style architecture. With all the infrastructure required for today’s lifestyle, Rainbow City will have everything needed for comfortable life, tourism, recreation and business, including five-star hotel, shopping center, medical center, international school, sports grounds, parks and even churches as well as residential houses and apartment buildings with an ocean view.


Current Situation

  • Located on Efate island, Vanuatu
  • 9km far from Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital
  • The area of 86.8912 ha
  • 50 meters far from the coastline

Advantages of Vanuatu

Climate :

  • Comfortable, warm and humid
  • Typical Tropical marine climate
  • The average temperature of 27 ℃, suitable for tourism throughout the whole year

Tourist attractions:

  • Nice beaches and colorful reefs, untouched rain forests and beautiful waterfalls.
  • Countless diving locations
  • The most accessible active volcano in the world (Yasur)
  • Vanuatu is the place where bungee jumping has been invented

Education system in Vanuatu:

  • International, diverse and supported by the government
  • English and French international High schools are available, with English school using the Australian Curriculum.
  • After the graduation from one of these schools your kids will be able to continue their education in Australia and New Zealand, or England and France.
  • Overseas Chinese students, studying in Vanuatu, are able to pass exams in China, as well as Hong Kong and Macao, to attend top universities in China in the future.

Public security:

  • Vanuatu is a safe place with kind and welcoming local nation
  • Vanuatu is a Christian country with according social customs and values
  • The country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world

Vanuatu as an investments destination:

  • Relatively friendly business environment, many market opportunities for businesses with sustainable income
  • Located close to Australia, New Zealand and French territory New Caledonia, Vanuatu has great development potential
  • Growing tourism market with rapidly increasing number of Asian tourists
  • Support of the developments by the Government of Vanuatu

General Plan


  • Central sector: a church and garden is the center of the city
  • Second sector: plots interconnected with multiple roads. The city structure consists of a number of circles, separated by different scenery and visual solutions.
  • Third sector: villas, apartments and other infrastructure.

Traffic Plan

  • Proper road network, developed and constructed to minimise possible traffic.
  • Roads inside each sector to be connected with the main roads, going around the project.
  • The road system inside each sector to be constructed in line with the design and architecture of the overall project.

General Plan Includes

Shopping Center

  • Design and architecture of this shopping center refers to Florence, with colorful lighting of the building and the elegant mixture of European and Melanesian cultures in the design.
  • The design of the gardens inside and outside close to the mall refers to Central park in New York, allowing people to be surrounded by trees and nature, while still shopping in the mall on relaxing nearby. Also an open air theater is to be constructed as part of the mall with regular events and singing and dancing performances by local people.
  • The shopping center to include some night life spots – bars and clubs, for people to spend time after the regular stores are closed.


  • The supermarket will combine all the best qualities of big international supermarket chains, and will include everything that can possibly be needed in the city.
  • The entrance of the supermarket to be decorated with local culture elements, with a lot of color and lights.

Buddhist academy

  • Buddhism originated in Asia, so this building is designed in Asian style, with the red roof and yellow walls. The Academy will have spacious gardens and space for meditation.

Medical center

  • The medical center will include all the basic facilities for medical help and treatment. The design of the medical center uses mostly warm colors – yellow and orange, to make sure the facility has gentle and pleasant atmosphere.


  • School is a place to get knowledge and skills, necessary for the successful life. Thus the style of building will be rigorous, to form a rigorous and precise school environment.
  • School to have lawn and garden, with various trees around the perimeter. School territory to have places, where students will be able to take a rest, have a gathering or discussion.
  • Project will also have a kindergarten, with all kinds of decorated classes and comfortable safe rooms. The design of the kindergarten constructions to be colorful and bright.


  • For Vanuatu as a Christian country with a lot of religious people, the project to include a church. The church will be suitable to for Sunday gatherings as well as for weddings, with everything needed for a beautiful ceremony.

Six-star hotel

  • Vanuatu is a good place for holiday, so it must have a top class hotel. The first six-star hotel at Rainbow City will have a gym, casino, SPA, several bars and restaurants. Guest of the hotel will stay in comfortable and spacious rooms. Hotel will also have a number of conference rooms and other facilities for parties or different events.
  • The hotel will share the design and architecture with the rest of the project, mixing European style and modern planning with Melanesian culture.


  • The apartments in Rainbow City will suit perfectly for those who stays in Vanuatu for holidays, studying, work or investments. Every apartment building will have all the necessary for the comfortable life facilities, including swimming pool and roof lodge.
  • Each apartment to be constructed to be sound proof and private, with nice view from the window.


  • Villas are designed for people staying in Vanuatu for holidays or investments with families, or those who have higher living standard requirements. Villas to be constructed in four sizes, sharing the same design and architecture.
  • Each villa will have its own yard with the loan and garden, decorated with flowers and trees, creating picturesque landscape.


  • Multi-level roads structure to be implemented in this project to make sure there will be no problems with traffic. Also the accessibility of fire fighters, ambulances and other social services will be considered in the roads plan. Roads and bridges designed and to be constructed in line with Rainbow City architecture style.